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Our Holding Company Bowland IT & Telecoms was originally established in 2013, and is located in Burnley, Lancashire. 

UK Based Team

Our Team is located in the heart of Burnley, Lancashire.  We only employ technical experts that are time served in the telecoms industry.

99.9% Uptime

Our Burnley clients have experienced 99.9% uptime on average over the past 36 months. 


Ribble Business Centre, 
Shuttleworth Mead, 
Padiham, Burnley, 
BB12 7NG


01282 501758



Our Sister Companies

We are part of the Bowland IT & Telecoms group of companies

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need still need a landline to have broadband?

Connectivity types are subject to availability, but we can confirm that all of our business broadband solutions do not need a land line. Most of our broadband services require involvement with Open Reach to provide your connectivity, but you no longer need to subscribe to a PSTN (Phone Line) service to receive broadband in your premises. For more info get in touch with us at Telecoms Burnley on 01282 501758.

Can I leave my broadband provider mid contract?

You can always leave your provider, there is no contract that should suggest otherwise, but you will be liable to pay you current provider the remaining balance of your contract should you leave mid term.  This final payment will be calculating the monthly payment that you pay by the amount of months remaining in the contract.  The GOOD NEWS is that we can offer you up to £250 to pay off your existing contract when you join our services.  We will need to see a copy of your final invoice or proof of payment to close down your old account to credit the £250 back to you. 

Will there be any downtime during switching telephone system provider?

In theory the maximum downtime when switching phone provider will be 10 minutes, and most often downtime is much shorter.  We would usually install your new phone system before the old system service stops, and during the transition we will setup a temporary number forward by your current provider.  The downtime will only usually occur when the number(s) port, in this instance we just need to assign the number to your system for your calls to start coming in again.

Why is the service better if you use an independent telecoms company?

The large well known telecoms brands provide their services directly to the public, but these customers only have access to the support offered by the provider.  These providers only offer call centre agent support, and technical diagnostics are usually provided by reading out a script.  We've all been asked to check the test socket on our phone sockets.  At Telecoms Burnley and Bowland IT & Telecoms, we don't expect you to carry out any of your own diagnostics, and we will not pass you onto Open Reach as a final outcome.  We will handle all issues on your behalf.  All call representatives at Telecoms Burnley and Bowland IT & Telecoms are time served technical experts. 

Why using Telecoms Burnley and Bowland IT & Telecoms will give you better connectivity?

We offer a wide range of connectivity methods, ranging from the standard SOGEA broadband, Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC), Fibre to the property (FTTP), Satellite, Star Link, 4G & 5G Connectivity, P2P Radio Connectivity, B4RN Community Fibre, Leased Lines, and other community broadband providers. 

What is SOGEA Broadband?

SOGEA stands for 'Standard Order Generic Ethernet Access'.  The solution allows homes that can't receive fibre to the property a standard fibre to the cabinet connection without the need of a PSTN phone line (line rental). 

What is the PSTN Switch Off and How does it affect me?

Classic phone lines that have been supplied to properties in the UK for decades are now becoming obsolete and will be replaced by VOIP which will work over fibre broadband connectivity.  Most phones are now using VOIP already, but there are still 1000s of PSTN users which will lose their service if they don't switch by December 2025.  We believe that the longer you leave it to switch, the more expensive new contracts will cost when the PSTN switch off approaches.

Is VOIP (Voice Over IP) Reliable?

In the early days of VOIP (Voice Over IP), the service wasn't that great.  This was because the solution was introduced before most properties could receive fast enough internet connectivity to provide the quality required for VOIP.  Most homes in the UK as standard will receive fast enough speeds to provide crystal clear and stable phone calls over VOIP.  If you have heard VOIP isn't reliable, or if you had issues with it years ago, please don't be put off as we would only offer the service if we could guarantee the call quality.  For more info get in touch with Telecoms Burnley. 

Can Telecoms Burnley provide connectivity outside of Burnley?

Telecoms Burnley is a local trading name of Bowland IT & Telecoms that provides connectivity to businesses throughout the UK.  We can absolutely give you the service you are looking for whether you are based in East Lancashire, down in London or up in Scotland.  A lot of our clients have multiple branches/sites across the UK.

Who owns Telecoms Burnley?

Telecoms Burnley is owned and operated by BIT2 LTD which is the legal name of Bowland IT & Telecoms.  The company was founded by Oliver Alcock and is managed by Chris Anderson.  Between Oliver and Chris, they have over 20 years combined of supplying business telecoms systems.  The registered office for Telecoms Burnley is Ribble Business Centre, Shuttleworth Mead, Padiham, Burnley, BB12 7NG

Is Telecoms Burnley authorised and regulated to provide businesses with telecoms?

Yes, Telecoms Burnley and Bowland IT & Telecoms are registered by OFCOM and are regulated to provide businesses with broadband, telephony and mobile.  We are also certified with Cyber Essentials, meaning we have gone through extensive checks to ensure that our systems are secured to a high standard to ensure your information and connectivity is safe and secure.  Our registrations can be found under the name of BIT2 LTD. 

  • BB12 Broadband
  • BB11 Broadband
  • Colne Broadband
  • Nelson Broadband
  • BB9 Broadband
  • BB8 Broadband
  • BB7 Broadband
  • Clitheroe Broadband
  • Sabden Broadband
  • Huntroyde Broadband
  • Skipton Broadband
  • Earby Broadband
  • BB5 Broadband
  • Briercliffe Phone Systems
  • Cliviger Phone Systems
  • Worsthorne Phone Systems
  • Burnley Wood ​Phone Systems
  • Padiham ​Phone Systems
  • Accrington ​Phone Systems
  • Hapton ​Phone Systems
  • Brunshaw ​Phone Systems
  • Habergham ​Phone Systems
  • Stonyholme ​Phone Systems
  • Simonstone ​Phone Systems
  • Read ​Phone Systems
  • Altham ​Phone Systems
  • Briercliffe ​Phone Systems
  • Cliviger ​Phone Systems
  • Worsthorne ​Phone Systems
  • Burnley Wood ​Phone Systems 
  • Padiham ​Phone Systems
  • Accrington ​Phone Systems
  • Hapton ​Phone Systems
  • Brunshaw ​Phone Systems
  • Habergham ​Phone Systems
  • Stonyholme ​Phone Systems
  • Simonstone ​Phone Systems
  • Read ​Phone Systems
  • Altham ​Phone Systems
  • Briercliffe Leased Line
  • Cliviger Leased Line
  • Worsthorne Leased Line
  • Burnley Wood Leased Line
  • Padiham Leased Line
  • Accrington ​Leased Line
  • Hapton ​Leased Line
  • Brunshaw ​Leased Line
  • Habergham ​Leased Line
  • Stonyholme ​Leased Line
  • Simonstone ​Leased Line
  • Read ​Leased Line
  • Altham ​Leased Line
  • BB12 ​Leased Line
  • BB11 ​Leased Line
  • Colne ​Leased Line
  • Nelson ​Leased Line
  • BB9 ​Leased Line
  • BB8 ​Leased Line
  • BB7 ​Leased Line
  • Clitheroe ​Leased Line
  • Sabden ​Leased Line
  • Huntroyde ​Leased Line
  • Skipton ​Leased Line
  • Earby ​Leased Line
  • BB5 ​Leased Line
  • Briercliffe Fast Internet
  • Cliviger ​Fast Internet
  • Worsthorne ​Fast Internet
  • Burnley Wood ​​Fast Internet
  • Padiham ​Fast Internet
  • Accrington ​Fast Internet
  • Hapton ​​Fast Internet
  • Brunshaw ​Fast Internet
  • Habergham ​​Fast Internet
  • Stonyholme ​​Fast Internet
  • Simonstone ​​Fast Internet
  • Read ​Fast Internet
  • Altham ​​Fast Internet
  • Briercliffe ​​Fast Internet
  • Cliviger ​​Fast Internet
  • Worsthorne ​Fast Internet
  • Burnley Wood ​​Fast Internet 
  • Padiham ​​Fast Internet
  • Accrington ​​Fast Internet
  • Hapton ​​Fast Internet
  • Brunshaw ​Fast Internet
  • Habergham ​​Fast Internet
  • Stonyholme ​Fast Internet
  • Simonstone ​Fast Internet
  • Read ​​Fast Internet
  • Altham ​Fast Internet

Padiham Serviced Offices TO LET with High Speed Broadband​ Supplied by Telecoms Burnley and Bowland IT & Telecoms.

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